About Us

The Azzopardi Group was founded in 1980 by Charles and Tony Azzopardi, primarily operating as a fish distributor in Malta. Over the years, the Group has grown rapidly, gradually expanding and diversifying its activities, and subsequently starting to transform its core business.

Today, the Azzopardi Group, through family holdings, has evolved to become one of the leading players in the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), Aquaculture, Retail, Tourism and Property Development. The Group continues to undertake further substantial quantitative and qualitative business development initiatives. These initiatives both broaden and deepen the Groups’ activities, enabling the Group to continue to expand into new sectors.


Our Mission

To be one of Malta’s leading private enterprises Azzopardi Group’s mission is concentrated on the expansion of our country’s opportunities and our active participation in doing so.

Here are some of our Group’s many objectives:
• To help promote Malta to the World,
• To see knew potential ventures and challenging business opportunities for our Group,
• To help create more employment opportunities for our people,
• To make new international businesses and brands available to the local public,
• To promote environmental friendly processes for sustainable growth.


Azzopardi Group Structure

Azzopardi Group comprises a number of independent companies operating across multiple commercial sectors. The number of individual entities currently in operation and in which the Azzopardi family members have a significant stake exceeds 13. Operations are predominantly based in Malta.

The organisational structure of the Group is not typical of most conglomerate entities. The businesses are fully independent with their respective boards of directors and management. The core of the Group’s function is primarily that of strategic alignment and facilitation of activities in pursuit of individual company objectives. This involves the co-ordination of family member interests, and unlocking business potential through the application of international best practise and the implementation of common policies and procedures where appropriate. Such an organisational structure enables each company to operate independently, develop and implement their own strategies and hence fully accountable for their own performances. Where opportunities are available, either within existing companies or through the creation of new ventures, the Group management function facilitates the development of these opportunities where required. This takes the form of arranging visits, developing appropriate partnership and legal structures, defining the terms of the relationship, building business plans, securing and structuring investment capital (if required), supporting the ongoing relationship with partners and authorities, and providing advice and assistance where appropriate.

Contact Us

Azzopardi Group,
4, Pinto Road,
Marsa, Malta

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