Ajd Tuna


AJD Tuna is a Maltese blue fin tuna farming venture, established in 1999 between the Azzopardi Group and Japanese and South Korean firms. In 2007, the Group purchased the whole company from its partners and is today the only shareholder of the company.AJD Tuna introduced the concept of Blue Fin Tuna farming into Malta and today the industry accounts for approximate 1% of Malta’s GDP. Today, the company along with its fully owned subsidiary, Malta Mariculture Ltd operates from Malta through its two farms under strict ICCAT (the international regulatory body of Blue Fin Tuna) conditions. The company is one of the top three Mediterranean producers of Blue Fin Tuna with a capacity to produce in excess of 3,500 M/Tons of fish annually which is almost all exported to Japan. AJD Tuna through its subsidiary, Lvant Tuna Ltd, also operated a blue fin tuna farm operation in Limassol, Cyprus in 2007 with an annual production of circa 600M/Tons of fish.


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