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Azzopardi Fisheries
Azzopardi Fisheries is the first company of the Group and its success over the last 30 years enabled the group to grow and diversify further. Hailing from a fishing family, Charles & Tony Azzopardi used to sell the fresh fish their father used to catch on his fishing boat.Over the next few years, the business expanded through the use of a fish shop and a couple of vans to sell fish to other localities and catering establishments. In 1985, they started the construction of the first fish cold store on the island in St. Paul’s Bay and were also the first company to start importing frozen fish into Malta.

Over the years, the brothers continued to expand the business, first through the opening of more fish shops and then even larger cold storage capacities. In 2005, Azzopardi Fisheries established a subsidiary fishing company called Hannibal Fishing Limited which ensured that the business has access to the freshest seafood available. Today, Hannibal Fishing Limited owns a Shrimp trawler as well as a Deep Sea fishing vessel which together catch more than 500 Tons of fish every year.

This business has been Malta’s largest seafood business for the past 30 years and till this day still doing well.

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