Azzopardi Fisheries

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Azzopardi Fisheries
Azzopardi Fisheries is the first company of the Group and its success over the last 30 years enabled the group to grow and diversify further. Hailing from a fishing family, Charles & Tony Azzopardi used to sell the fresh fish their father used to catch on his fishing boat.Over the next few years, the business expanded through the use of a fish shop and a couple of vans to sell fish to other localities and catering establishments. In 1985, they started the construction of the first fish cold store on the island in St. Paul’s Bay and were also the first company to start importing frozen fish into Malta.

Over the years, the brothers continued to expand the business, first through the opening of more fish shops and then even larger cold storage capacities. In 2005, Azzopardi Fisheries established a subsidiary fishing company called Hannibal Fishing Limited which ensured that the business has access to the freshest seafood available. Today, Hannibal Fishing Limited owns a Shrimp trawler as well as a Deep Sea fishing vessel which together catch more than 500 Tons of fish every year.

This business has been Malta’s largest seafood business for the past 30 years and till this day still doing well.

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Ajd Tuna

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


AJD Tuna is a Maltese blue fin tuna farming venture, established in 1999 between the Azzopardi Group and Japanese and South Korean firms. In 2007, the Group purchased the whole company from its partners and is today the only shareholder of the company.

AJD Tuna introduced the concept of Blue Fin Tuna farming into Malta and today the industry accounts for approximate 1% of Malta’s GDP. Today, the company along with its fully owned subsidiary, Malta Mariculture Ltd operates from Malta through its two farms under strict ICCAT (the international regulatory body of Blue Fin Tuna) conditions. The company is one of the top three Mediterranean producers of Blue Fin Tuna with a capacity to produce in excess of 3,500 M/Tons of fish annually which is almost all exported to Japan. AJD Tuna through its subsidiary, Lvant Tuna Ltd, also operated a blue fin tuna farm operation in Limassol, Cyprus in 2007 with an annual production of circa 600M/Tons of fish.

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Food Pro Malta

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Food Pro Malta was created in 2012 and operates a fully approved EU Packing Plant with an annual output of over 800 Tons. It processes a range of product categories from fresh and frozen meats to fresh and frozen fish in a variety of packaging sizes both in natural and marinated forms. It also operates new state of the art machinery and its main customers are various supermarkets and catering establishments.


Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Valhmor Borg started operating in 1974 and the main activity of this business is importing fresh and frozen foodstuffs as well as wines. These foodstuffs range from dairy, desserts, poultry to meats and the business stocks in excess of 2000 SKU’s.
The products are then sold to the HORECA sector through the use of a temperature controlled fleet of 25 refrigerated trucks. Moreover, Valhmor Borg, through Marsa Cold Stores Limited (also a group company) has a refrigerated storage capacity of over 2500 pallets. The Group purchased this entity in 2011 and through the use of various group synergies enabled the business to grow further over the past few years.
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Miracle Foods

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Miracle Foods is a fresh and frozen foods chain of retail outlets which is based in Malta and was created in 1995. It today operates 19 stores all over the Maltese islands. One of the main objectives of this company is to open further stores in Malta and other countries in the next five years.Miracle Foods purchases everything it sells directly from producers abroad, enabling it to sell at lower prices with greater control on the quality of the products it purchases. The company also operates its own logistics and distribution side of the business too. It sells everything from ice creams, meat, poultry, fish to ready meals etc and stocks both branded and own label products.Wesbite Link:


Fort Cambridge

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Fort Cambridge is a contemporary style apartment complex on Sliema’s Tigne peninsula in Malta. The development benefits from a special designated area status offering various tax incentives and other advantages to foreign buyers. It is designed by one of Malta’s leading firms of architects to offer all the conveniences of modern life, maximising the use of space without giving up the luxury of roomy comfort.

Wide balconies and generous windows overlook wide sea vistas. The project is all residential with ample parking spaces and garages, making it Malta’s only development of this nature. With 350 apartments developed, Fort Cambridge is currently Malta’s largest residential project and over three fourths of it is already sold. This project is also the winner of various international awards and 85% of the entire development is dedicated to landscaped open spaces. The group owns 75% of this project.

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Balluta Terrace

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Balluta Terrace is located on the threshold of the Balluta sea front, with a picturesque promenade that is renowned for the restaurants serving the finest food, international five star hotels, cafeterias and an endless stretch of pristine beaches and bathing inlets. As developers, a number of measures were incorporated into the building aimed at ensuring the project respects the environment and cuts down on emissions. This project is today completed and all of the 99 apartments have been sold. The group owns 40% of this project.

Dawoom Lao

Thursday, June 18th, 2015


Dawoom Lao Co. Ltd was incorporated and operated in Laos, Asia in partnership with a South Korean company in 2008 and was granted the lease of 1000 hectares of land overlooking the Mekong river in the Luang Prabang province, a UNESCO World Heritage Town in Laos.

The company constructed and developed a world class 18-hole golf course and clubhouse on the site and also hosted the first AGEAN PGA Tour in Laos ever. The company also had the permits to develop villas, a hospital, casino, hotels and residential property. This property was sold in 2013 to a Chinese Group of Hotels.

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