The Mediterranean is full of Tuna’ – iNEWS Malta

“The sea is full of tuna. As a company, AJD Tuna Ltd, caught its allotted quota in Spain and Malta in only a day. In Calabria, the quota was caught in a couple of days. This shows that the conservation efforts created by ICCAT which took place since 2009 have been fruitful and stocks have increased. In fact, the average weight of the tuna caught increased from 160kg to 195kgs. The controls have also increased, for example, during a particular catch, the French, Italian and Maltese navies were present for the transfer of the tuna between the fishermen and AJD Tuna.” In November of last year, ICCAT decided to increase the Bluefin Tuna Quota in 2015 from 7,938 tons to 9,372 tons. – Charles Azzopardi.

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